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Feedback I’ve Received

What My Clients Are Saying

"It was fascinating and healing to see other people interpret one another's art through two or three mediums. It made me feel seen and cared for."

Shera K

"Holly is an amazing therapist. She made me feel welcome and comfortable. We explored a variety of artist mediums, including painting and body movement. The body movement in particular was great. It is a testament to her skill that she was able to make me feel so comfortable while engaging in activities and therapy styles that were totally new to me. My experience was beneficial and I wholeheartedly recommend Holly to anyone looking to get to the root cause of an issue and feel some relief right away!"

Rozalyn H

"I strongly recommend! I never had tried expressive arts therapy and I loved how fluid the whole session was. I liked how each part of the session moved into another part of the session, changing mediums, jumping through emotions, and sometimes feeling very silly. That juxtaposition was so cool to me, and refreshing in the therapy context where Holly is an intuitive guide."

Dora P

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