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What Do I need for an Online Session?


For an online session it's best if you have a quiet private space where you can do some movement and make noise if you need to.


Please gather as many of these supplies as you have at home before your session:

  • a pen

  • blank paper for writing

  • blank paper for drawing/painting

  • felts, pastels, pencil crayons

  • paint, paint brushes, container for water

  • paper towel or cloth for paint brushes

  • Any instruments that you have at home, or improvised instruments (pots and chopsticks, rice in tupperware,water in jars or glasses)

  • Fabrics or scarves for movement or drama

  • tissues/kleenex

If you don't have any supplies at all at home I would suggest buying some supplies at Michael's or DeSerres

What if I don't have any experience?


Our sessions are process rather than based on the product of your creation.

There is no experience required with any of the creative forms (movement, painting, sound, writing, drama) and the creativity helps to bring us into focus in the present moment. It's more about the feelings that you have during your journey with each form of creation rather than what the image or sound etc. looks like at the end.  

For example, How does the texture of the paint feel moving across the paper? What does the colour look like and move like when you rinse your paintbrush?

How do you feel while moving your arms in those slow large circles? What do you feel needs to move now?



What can I get out of my Sessions?

  • Opening new opportunities and choices for myself

  • Building trust of others and myself

  • Strengthening my Intuition and communication skills

  • Becoming more self-aware

  • Gaining clarity on problems at hand

  • Healing old and new wounds

  • Conflict resolution

  • Self-growth

  • Finding my voice

What can I expect in a Session?

During a session you will have the opportunity to try new things. For the first 3 sessions in most cases we will be getting to know one another, building trust with me and yourself with this new process.

Generally at the beginning of a session, we will spend some time talking to meet each other and also to see what might be a good thing to explore during a session. Next I'll introduce several ways that we could begin our session, for example 5 minutes of meditation or a little bit of stretching and breathing. After this, I could introduce another way of becoming grounded in your body and environment, it could mean walking slowly through the space or doing a different kind of body warm-up.

Following,epending on each individual client's needs I will introduce several options of what to do next. Generally I offer 2 options to see what feels right in the moment: "Would you like to try some movement or perhaps creating an image would feel right for you?"  The client then always has the option to choose if one of these options feels right. It is always your choice of what feels right for you. If neither feel right, there could be a third option "maybe some free flow writing would feel better for you in this moment?"  

The session will continue like this, pausing to explore the theme and imagery at hand, while changing different creative forms. The sessions will follow a natural flow and I will help to keep things moving and flowing through different modes of creation throughout the process. The sessions will come to a natural close at the end of the 60mins or 90 mins depending on your pace of session and we will come back to the couch to have a check in about how the session was for you and anything that you would like to share.

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