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 Expressive Arts Therapy

Healing is in your hands

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts Therapy is a way of healing by using your imagination. It's not about what you create, but rather your journey of creation and healing. You don't need any training to come to a session. Sometimes, what we need to say gets stuck in our throats or our bodies and needs a way out. Expressive Arts Therapy offers a platform for your expression, for the words that you haven't said. Other times, words are not enough or we don't know what is even bothering us. We just feel it in our bodies and in our emotions that something needs to come out. the expressive arts offers so many other ways of expressing yourself maybe through  voice, music, movement, painting, drama or writing. Again, you do not need any experience or training in any of these areas. We are all innately creative! This is about your journey and your healing not about the aesthetics of your creation.

Meet Holly in this video below and see her answer "What is Expressive Arts Therapy?"



you are ever so powerful.

You carry wisdom and healing in your movement, creation and voice. Breathe in- and now breathe out.  This is both stillness and movement. Which do you need more of in your life? Take a moment to check in with yourself.

You are a powerful expression of whatever you need in this moment, and whatever you need to express here is okay. Whether it's grief, joy, depression, pride, shame or deep rooted anger, you and your unique expression are a beautiful gift. It's through that expression and the exploration of your imaginative process that you will experience healing.

Allow yourself the healing that you need and deserve by being gently witnessed in your self-discovery, exploration and growth.

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